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9 Best AI Music Generators

Looking for the best AI music generators to amp up your music production? Look no further! We’ve got you covered with this comprehensive list of the top AI music generators available right now.

These cutting-edge tools use artificial intelligence to effortlessly create unique and high-quality music tracks. With user-friendly interfaces and a wide range of features, these generators cater to both beginners and professionals.

So, let’s dive in and explore the exciting world of AI music generation!

Key Takeaways

  • Amper Music, AIVA, Soundful, Ecrett Music, Soundraw, Boomy, and Loudly are some of the best AI music generators available.
  • These AI music generators offer various features such as easy-to-use interfaces, customization options, royalty-free music, and compatibility with different platforms and software.
  • Some AI music generators like Amadeus Code and WavTool’s Conductor AI allow users to export their creations as audio and MIDI files, while others focus on creating original songs or soundtracks.
  • These AI music generators leverage artificial intelligence to generate music tracks, provide suggestions and recommendations, and guide users through the music-making process.

Amper Music

Amper Music is an easy-to-use AI music generator that allows you to create music tracks from pre-recorded samples and modify them in terms of key, tempo, and instruments.

The AI music creation process begins by selecting the desired samples from a vast library. Then, you can customize the track by adjusting the key, tempo, and instrument choices to suit your creative vision.

One of the benefits of using Amper Music is its user-friendly interface, which makes it accessible to both beginners and experienced musicians.

Additionally, Amper Music provides a wide range of genres and styles to choose from, allowing you to create music that aligns with your specific needs.

With its advanced AI technology, Amper Music streamlines the music creation process and empowers you to produce high-quality tracks with ease.


Explore AIVA, an AI music generator that allows you to develop music from scratch or create variations of existing songs. AIVA provides content creators with numerous benefits when it comes to music production.

Firstly, it offers a wide range of presets and specified music formats, making it easy to find the right sound for your project.

Additionally, AIVA allows for the editing of soundtracks, giving you the flexibility to customize the music to fit your vision.

However, it’s important to note that there are limitations to AI music generators when it comes to creating original compositions. While AIVA can create variations of existing songs, it may struggle with creating entirely unique and innovative compositions.

Therefore, it’s still important for content creators to bring their own creativity and unique ideas to the table when using AI music generators like AIVA.


When using Soundful, you can easily generate unique and royalty-free background music by selecting a genre and customizing it to your liking. Here are some advantages of this AI music generator and its customization options:

  1. Wide range of genres: Soundful offers over 50 templates from different genres, allowing you to find the perfect sound for your project. Whether you need ambient, electronic, or orchestral music, Soundful has you covered.
  2. Customization options: Soundful allows you to modify various aspects of the music, including tempo, key, and instruments. This level of customization ensures that the generated music fits your specific requirements and enhances the overall experience.
  3. Unique compositions: With Soundful, you can rest assured that the music generated will be unique and not replicate existing songs. This ensures that your project stands out and has its own identity.

Ecrett Music

With Ecrett Music, you can easily explore a large selection of scenes, emotions, and genres to create your own unique compositions. This AI music generator offers customizable instruments and structures, allowing you to have full control over the sound and feel of your music. In addition, Ecrett Music provides royalty-free music, giving you the freedom to use your compositions in videos, games, or any other projects without worrying about copyright issues. The table below highlights the key features of Ecrett Music:

Features Description
Customizable Instruments Tailor the sound of your composition by choosing specific instruments
Royalty Free Music Use your creations without any copyright concerns

With Ecrett Music, you have the power to unleash your creativity and produce professional-quality music that perfectly aligns with your vision.


Get ready to experience the power of Soundraw, an AI music generator that allows you to create unique compositions using customizable phrases. With Soundraw, you have the ability to craft your own musical creations effortlessly.

Here are three key features of Soundraw that will enhance your music-making experience:

  1. Customizable Phrases: Soundraw provides a wide range of customizable phrases that you can use to build your compositions. These phrases can be modified and arranged to suit your desired style and mood, giving you complete control over your music.
  2. AI Compositions: Soundraw utilizes advanced AI algorithms to generate compositions that are both innovative and engaging. The AI technology behind Soundraw ensures that your compositions are musically coherent and harmonically pleasing.
  3. User-Friendly Interface: Soundraw offers an intuitive and user-friendly interface, making it easy for both beginners and experienced musicians to navigate and create music. The platform also provides in-depth tutorials to help you make the most out of its features.

With Soundraw, you can unleash your creativity and produce high-quality AI compositions that will captivate your audience.


Boomy is an AI music generator that allows you to quickly create original songs in seconds. It offers a range of features and functionalities that make it a powerful tool for music production.

With Boomy, you can explore different genres and experiment with various musical styles. The platform provides a personalized profile that enhances your music creation experience. Additionally, Boomy offers the potential to earn streaming revenues from the songs you submit.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced music producer, Boomy provides a user-friendly interface that allows you to easily navigate through its features.

Start using Boomy for music production and unlock your creativity in exploring different genres.


Loudly offers an advanced playback engine with curated audio loops, ensuring musically meaningful compositions. With this AI music generator, you can explore the following techniques:

  1. Real-time Combination: Loudly’s AI algorithm combines multiple audio loops in real-time, allowing you to create complex and layered compositions. This feature provides a seamless integration of various musical elements, enhancing the depth and richness of your music.
  2. Warping: The AI engine in Loudly enables the manipulation of audio loops in terms of time and pitch. This allows you to stretch, compress, and transpose the loops, giving you the flexibility to experiment with different musical ideas and create unique compositions.
  3. Chord Progression Following: By analyzing the harmonic structure of your music, Loudly’s AI can intelligently generate chord progressions that align with your compositions. This feature helps you maintain musical coherence and create harmonically engaging pieces.

With these AI music composition techniques, Loudly empowers you to effortlessly produce high-quality and musically coherent compositions, making it a valuable tool for musicians and composers seeking mastery in their craft.


You can easily create, record, compose, produce, mix, master, and export music within your browser using WavTool’s advanced features such as side-chain compression, advanced synthesis, and flexible signal routing.

WavTool offers a seamless user interface experience, allowing for intuitive music creation without the need for installations or downloads.

With WavTool’s integration options, you can effortlessly incorporate this AI music generator into your existing workflow, enhancing your music production process.

The user interface is designed to provide a precise and technical experience, catering to an audience that desires mastery in their music creation.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced music producer, WavTool’s advanced features and user-friendly interface make it a valuable tool for all your music production needs.

Conductor AI

With WavTool’s Conductor AI, you can rely on its ability to take plaintext English and explain concepts, making suggestions and providing recommendations to guide you along the music-making process.

Here are three benefits of using Conductor AI for music production:

  1. Enhanced Understanding: Conductor AI’s ability to explain concepts in plain English allows you to grasp complex musical ideas with ease. This ensures a deeper understanding of music theory and composition techniques.
  2. Personalized Guidance: Unlike other AI music generators, Conductor AI goes beyond generating music. It actively guides you, offering suggestions and recommendations tailored to your specific needs and preferences. This personalized guidance helps you create music that aligns with your artistic vision.
  3. Instant Adaptability: Conductor AI’s real-time changes to your music allow you to experiment and iterate quickly. This flexibility enables you to fine-tune your compositions and explore different creative directions effortlessly.

When compared to other AI music generators, Conductor AI stands out for its comprehensive guidance and adaptability, providing a valuable tool for musicians seeking mastery in their craft.

Amadeus Code

Amadeus Code offers a seamless integration of AI-generated chord progressions and melodies to enhance your music creation process. With its IOS-based app, you can create new melodies in minutes using intuitive gestures. The AI engine behind Amadeus Code is trained on chord progressions from famous songs, providing a solid foundation for your compositions. One of the advantages of Amadeus Code is its ability to export your creations as audio and MIDI files, allowing for further editing in audio software. This AI music generator employs AI music creation techniques to generate unique and inspiring melodies. To provide a comparison of AI music generators, consider the following table:

AI Music Generator Features Export Options
Amadeus Code Seamless integration, AI-generated chord progressions and melodies Audio and MIDI files
Amper Music Easy to use, creates music tracks from pre-recorded samples Audio files
AIVA Develops music from scratch or variations of existing songs Audio files

Amadeus Code stands out with its focus on chord progressions and melodies, allowing you to create original music with ease.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does AI Music Generation Work?

AI music generation works by using advanced algorithms to analyze and learn from existing music. It can generate new melodies, harmonies, and rhythms based on patterns in the data. In the music industry, AI music generation has applications in composing, producing, and creating unique soundtracks.

Can AI Music Generators Compose Music in Different Genres?

Yes, AI music generators have the potential to compose music in different genres. However, there are ethical considerations regarding the originality and authenticity of the generated music.

What Are the Limitations of AI Music Generators?

The limitations of AI music generators include ethical implications and the potential for creativity. While they can create music, they lack the emotional depth and human touch that human composers possess.

Can AI Music Generators Replace Human Composers?

AI music generators have the potential to assist and enhance human composers, but they cannot fully replace them. While AI can create music, human creativity and the nuanced understanding of emotions and artistic expression are irreplaceable in music composition. The future of music composition lies in the collaboration between AI and human composers, where AI can provide inspiration and assist in the creative process.

How Can AI Music Generators Benefit Content Creators and Musicians?

AI music generators revolutionize the music industry by enhancing creativity for content creators and musicians. With their intuitive interfaces and customizable features, these generators empower artists to explore new melodies and create unique compositions effortlessly.


So there you have it, the top AI music generators.

These innovative tools make music production a breeze, whether you’re a beginner or a professional.

With user-friendly interfaces and a wide range of features, you can effortlessly create unique and high-quality music tracks.

So why spend hours composing when you can let AI do the work for you?

Dive into the exciting world of AI music generation and let your creativity soar!

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